Senior Treasury Associate

Lagos, Nigeria · Financial Control



■ Ensure adequate liquidity is available to meet strategic objectives and financial obligations

■ Oversee cash management banking and financial institution relationships. Negotiate bank and service fees. Implement new bank technologies, products and services to improve cash cycle and simplify company operations.

■ Manage the disbursement and collection process to and from country offices

■ Minimise the cost of capital for the company

■ Manage the risk from interest rates, and other forms of exposure (e.g., foreign exchange) in line with strategy and risk appetite

■ Ensuring that the company's cash flow is adequate to allow it to operate effectively

■ Evaluate alternative long-term borrowing strategies and make recommendations in accordance with the capital structure guidelines

■ Forecast cash payments and anticipating challenges arising from limited cash flow and perform financial modelling

■ Ensure compliance with internal controls, policies and procedures. Develop and monitor treasury operational policies


Time Allocation


Business performance

■ Interest expense as a percentage of sales – total interest payments made by the

Group in the last financial year as a percentage of total sales (15%)

■ Growth rate in interest expense – percentage growth rate in value of interest payments made by the Group in the last financial year (15%)

■ Debt to total assets ratio – the ratio of total debt to total assets (15%)

■ Number of credit rating upgrades in the last financial year – total number of times the Group’s credit rating was upgraded in the last financial year (15%)

■ Number of credit rating downgrades in the last financial year – total number of times the Group’s credit rating was downgraded in the last financial year (10%)

Reports and Processes

■ Timeliness of management reports – percentage of management reports that are delivered to the target audience as per the agreed deadlines (5%)

■ Quality of Management Reports – Variance between expected and actual cash flow, liquidity requirements, etc. (5%)

■ Timeliness of processes – on time disbursement and repayments of funds to country office (5%)


■ Direct report feedback – the annual average rating from 360-degree surveys launched to direct reports (10%)

■ Feedback from direct leader – qualitative judgement (5%)


■ Excellent understanding of real estate market and financial needs

■ Knowledge of investment portfolio strategy, bankin, and financial instruments

■ Knowledge of treasury software expertise is a plus

■ Thorough understanding of the principles and application of good corporate governance, business and operational risk and control processes and procedures

■ Gathers information nationally and internationally about what could be; visualises the future and assesses what needs to change; thinks strategically, considers wider effects thoroughly, including customers, shareholders and people; promotes and builds enthusiasm for the vision.

■ Balances the needs of the stakeholder triangle; assimilates and analyses relevant information; identifies core principles, and applies them consistently to decisions; identifies and mitigates risks; creative in providing solutions; owns decisions.

■ Good planning/project management skills

■ Exceptional negotiation, problem-solving and analytical skills

■ Outstanding people leadership and management skills. Ability to drive change management across the organisation

■ Superior communication skills, both verbal and oral

■ Sets milestones and timeframes to achieve objectives and operational requirements; determines priorities and allocates responsibilities and manages workflow; establishes measures and monitoring systems; monitors unit and individual performance, putting (joint) action plans in place to address areas of non-compliance; anticipates hurdles and has contingency plans to get around them


■ Undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in a related field is required

■ Advanced degree (MBA) or Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA) preferred

■ 10 years of professional experience; 3-5 years of experience within a similar role

■ Experience in focus country preferred

■ 10+ project management experience

■ Undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in business management

■ Experience in managing large scale projects within the real estate sector
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